We woke to a perfect spring day- no clouds and warm weather! It was going to be great! We were heading down the coast a little to Hastings Point to do some kayaking and whale watching. Last time we kayaked was in New Caledonia and Paul and I were excited to do this once again… Once we had set up and got our gear into our kayak, I got a little nervous- I forgot about getting through the waves to see the whales!!! Paul just loved the idea of climbing over the waves and having to deal with them crashing while everyone else was serious.
We had a great time out there but did not get really close to the whales as they were swimming further out to sea becaue of the swell… It was still great to be out there on their level seeing them splash around- they are huge creatures! We also paddled up stream (after getting dumped from the wave!) and Paul and I wished for a kayak of our own. Ahh well maybe one day…
P.S – big kiss to everyone in New Caledonia.. We just flicked through our photos.. what a great holiday!! thanks everyone 🙂

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