Katadyn Water Bottle Purifier


Katadyn Purifier Drink Bottle

Katadyn Drink Bottle

I recently just got back from trekking in the Springbrook National Park and I’m glad I had this drink bottle as part of my gear.  When you do a 2 day trek or more you definitely don’t want to carry litres of fresh water with you.

It is always a smart idea to filter or treat water from the creek, streams or lakes as you never know what is in the water upstream from cattle, pesticides and general bacteria.

katadyn drink bottle is easy to carry

It’s easy to carry

“Never drink water that you don’t know if t’s good”  “never drink water if you travel in developing countries” that’s what world travellers say. There’s millions of reasons for that…

The Katadyn My Bottle Purifier is ingenious with an integrated filter.  It enables purification anywhere, any time  no need for pumping! It doesn’t require chemicals or batteries- no bad taste, no extra weight- and especially good for us nothing extra to forget to pack!

You fill the bottle up to the line, insert the cartridge into the lid and screw into the bottle. EASY! By squeezing the bottle the water passes to the filter and tchhhhaaaraannn  

Get water from anywhere and drink it straight away with Katadyn drink bottle

Get water from anywhere and drink it straight away

It’s not like you can take big gulps. You have to sip the water to allow time for the filtration but it is quite amazing. There is even a filter with a timer that you just twist and wait for 120 litres of water to be filtered before replacing. Pretty good system! I’m a fan so far.

The Katadyn My Bottle Purifier









  • No chemicals required
  • No batteries required
  • Not bad taste
  • Easy to use


  • Bottle leaks when upside down

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