It Started with a Stanley Knife


Noah skated for hours yesterday. Today woke up with sore leg and knee which, to be honest, I think was actually not true – I do think all of this change, the virus and our family dynamic is calling for extra cuddles and attention on him. And this is fine, we do love extra cuddles!

After breakfast, he could “only do soft lego” he thought… until he spotted Paul’s stanley knife on top of the table…. From then on was all about how he could use the stanley knife. He gave me all the reason in the world on why was so important for a child to practice using a stanley knife, how he would make it safe and even how was important for Finn to see him using and learning…

It’s so hard to argue with him! So instead of trying to change his mind, I said that he could use the stanley knife for a project… He needed to come up with a project that required him to use the stanley knife.

The Project

Noah’s project:

  • Let’s make a fire truck like this one (he was holding his lego fire truck up)
  • Needs to be big, at least 2 firemen in it…
  • we need a hose- a massive one
  • 4 wheels
  • red paint
  • decorations because it can also be a party fire truck, like at Christmas when the firetruck go around with Santa to make us happy
  • stanley knife to cut out pieces of paper for the decoration
  • we need Finn to paint too
  • Let’s use his big box to do it

Paint to Paint, Paint to Eat

Yep! Finn thought painting was great – first he taste it, then he grabbed the paint brush and decided to suck on it – didn’t fancy all the hair!

Painted the box, and why not a bit of body paint too!

We thought a bit of water could help washing up the brushes. Finn added some banksia cones to the mixture. Noah thought was a great addition because we can scrub the brushes better

Hose Him Down

Noah suggested to hose Finn down, “he is all red, in his arms, legs, everywhere!” And se we did. Finn loves the hose…

His new trick now is drinking water from the water – BRAVO!

Finally, the Stanley Knife

Noah finally got his hand on the (so much loved!) stanley knife… It was a few hours between starting to paint the box, clean brushes, hose down Finn, let the box dry until we started to practice with the stantley knife. Noah wanted to cut different shapes to then glue in the box.

Noah loves skating and practicing tricks, as the skateparks are closed for now, Noah as decided to create his own skate track – “for sharp turns, tic tacs, and ollies mum”

Screen Time & Podcasts

No Screen time today. Cool podcast about how trees loose their leaves and how Smell works, on ABC listen

Books Read

  • Fox on Sock
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • Cuquedo (Portuguese)
  • Where the wild things are
  • Hairy Maclary

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