Is Prague the Ultimate European Travel Destination?


Other parts of the world might find this information with great envy and doubt but Europe is arguably the continent with the greatest cultural heritage that many parts of the world tried to mimic to great extent. Central Europe, in particular, is stacked with such abundance of historical sites that it can barely stomach. Here you can find otherwise not so big cities for the “world’s standards” with tenfold the visitors in comparison to the number of actual residents. So how come that a city that has little more than one million residents attract the number of seven million visitors annually? We will try to examine such phenomenon in short terms:

Everything You Can Expect from a Historical City 

We have all heard about unbelievable parties that happen during Prague stag weekend or simply the sheer party euphoria that wins over Bohemian capital. Even more infamous are the Romanesque and Gothic architectural masterpieces that adorned postcards sent from this city for centuries. But, is the Prague the ultimate European travel destination? 

According to such a great number of satisfied visitors, it is probably your best pick for next travel destination in Europe. Unsurprisingly this is the spot in Europe that consumes the most beer, that fact goes along the stereotype the this is one of the most bustling party spots of the whole world let alone Europe. 

Pub culture here is strong. Food is rich in meat and salt that you can enjoy in nearly any pub or bar that you encounter. The beautiful restaurants that vary in style are something that is going to capture your mind as soon as you see them. Many of these captivating restaurants are coated with Romanesque exterior that will leave you with the sensation that you are about to dine with Bohemian royal family.  

Miracles That Can Be Witnessed Within Only One Day

Needless to say that the start of your exploration of this amazing city needs to be on the banks of the Vltava river. Booking a charming cruise along this river will fill your mind with breathtaking sites of the Czech capital that will fill your mind and camera with sites that are impossible to neglect. 

Charles Bridge is arguably the most famous landmark that you are about to encounter while on this cruise and the witnessing of The famous Prague astronomical clock will be the greatest addition to your Instagram profile. Up from that point, anything you see in the Old Town Square will make you twist your neck and mind as you try to comprehend the sheer abundance of historical heritage that this beautiful city has to offer. 

The real challenge that you will meet here is that you will need to organize your stay in order to see all the landmarks for yourself since there are so many and so little time to witness them all. 

But, if that fact doesn’t prove that Prague is the ultimate destination to enjoy new things in your life then nothing can prove it better. 

Finish the first day of your stay in the serenity of Kampa Island that is located in the city center and figure out the way to spend the rest of your vacation while overlooking the legendary Charles bridge. In such inspirational surrounding, the ideas on how to finish this fairytale will just flourish by themselves…

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