Getting lots of email about my camping gear… so here it goes…
Inside my backpack I have only things that we will really need.. i really don’t understand those people that need to pack all their stuff to go camping..and that’s the beauty of camping.. if you forget something that we really need you just need to use your imagination and use the resources that you have around you..


Paul and I always pack…. the best inventions!!!


– fire fork (photo)


-spork (photo)


-firesteel (photo)


– mini sleeping bag (0,6kg)


– water bag (photo)


-origami plates > the best!!! (photo)




– multi porpuse tool


-head torch

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  1. Comment by Susana

    Susana Reply 17/08/2015 at 10:05 AM

    Hey Sofia!
    Curti do post mas não consigo ver as fotos! Consegues mandar/uplaodar again?
    Bjnhos de Portugal 😉

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