Indore – The Mini Mumbai of Madhya Pradesh


Hey, let us take you to the tour of Indore, the mini Mumbai of Madhya Pradesh. Those who have lived in both the cities for quite a time can appropriately tell you the similarities between the two cities. There are many who claim not to miss Mumbai in any way while they are in Indore. Even people from Pune find Indore more like Mumbai and hence why so many people from Pune also visit the city of Indore. If you are planning a trip to Indore, then book cheap flights from Pune to Indore quickly and get best deals. Here we are telling you how to get the feel of Mumbai while roaming around in Indore. This means you can enjoy a trip to two beautiful cities of India on a budget of one.

Read on to know how you can enjoy Mumbai in Indore.

Eat at Sarafa Bazar 

Is Sarafa bazaar sounding like a market for jewellery shopping? It actually is a jewellery market but only during the daytime. At night the Sarafa Bazar transforms into a paradise of street foods. What Khau-Gali is for Mumbai, Sarafa is for Indore! Just like the Khau-Gali of Mumbai you can find a wide range of lip-smacking street foods. The local treats like samosa, kachori, chaat, bhutte are worth trying. If you are a person with a sweet tooth, then you can also get myriads of desserts like kulfi, malpua, jalebi, rabri, barfi and what not.

Visit Bada Ganpati 

Everyone knows you cannot claim to have seen Mumbai unless you visit the Sidhivinayak temple. Moreover, same is the case with Bada Ganpati of Indore. You might argue at this point that there are Ganesha temples in almost every city of India. However, there are lots of similarities between Sidhivinayak and Bada Ganpati that you’ll certainly feel after visiting the temple. So, when you are in Indore, don’t forget to visit the 25-feet tall bright orange Bada Ganpati.

Be an Audience of Live Theatre and Stand-up Comedy 

There was a time when theatre and stand-up comedy stages used to be exclusive to Mumbai. In fact, if a person wanted to enrol in an off-beat course like modelling, drama, or film-making, the person had to pack-up for Mumbai. However, today you can see live theatres performed by big drama groups and stand-up comedy by some of the best talents of India in Indore too. You do not necessarily need to visit Mumbai for enjoying a theatre or stand-up comedy performance. As most of the stars visit Indore for releasing or promoting their movies, chances are you get a glimpse of your favourite star in Indore itself.

Go on a Fashion Shopping 

Most of the visitors to Mumbai, make it a point to go shopping for dresses and fashion accessories. Bollywood which is in Mumbai dictates the fashion trend of our country. So, it is natural that you can get dresses and accessories of the latest fashion in Mumbai. However, Indore is not much behind Mumbai in fashion. This will evidently be clear when you see youths of Indore dressed in the latest fashion introduced by Bollywood movies. So, you can get things of latest fashion trends in Indore too.

Obviously, there are historical as well as natural factors that make Indore so similar to Mumbai that it got nicknamed as mini Mumbai. However, the ambience of the two cities gives a similar feel. The points mentioned above are only a few comparisons between the two. However, once you get into the city, you’ll start finding many similarities on your own. The first thing you’ll notice is most probably the crowd. Indore is as crowded as Mumbai. So, if you’re from Mumbai or Pune, you can book cheap flights from Pune to Indore and get the similar feels. Visit the two cities and share your personal experience; whether you feel Indore justifies with the title of mini Mumbai or not.          

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