For the Aboriginal people the land is sacred because the essence of Aboriginal spirituality lies in the Earth: spirit guides are resting in the mountains, in the rocks, in the rivers.
  This Sunday while climbing Mt Warning (or Wollumbin) I was wondering about the different sacred mountains and places that I have been and the importance that they have to me and my own personal beliefs.
Often people just want to climb or walk into a sacred place just because there’s no fences around- they just want to have a photo taken there. This is something that often happens in Uluru. We climbed Mt.Warning (which is allowed by the local aboriginal community) but this time we climbed during the day… And what a beautiful day we had to do it! The weather was perfect- not too hot or cold which is a great relief when you get to the last part which is really steep! It is well worth it once at the top.

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