How WiWander Will Change The Way You Travel



If you are a frequent traveller, you would know how important it is to have Wi-Fi overseas. Be it for leisure or for work, you want to Whatsapp your friends, update Instagram or Facebook, use Google Maps or check your emails on the go.

We all know too well data roaming charges are exorbitant. Recently, I discovered a new alternative – getting an overseas Wi-Fi router from the WiWander. It was such a breeze using the service I almost kicked myself for not discovering this earlier.

If you are as much as a Wi-Fi addict as I am, read on for the reasons why you should rent an overseas Wi-Fi router from WiWander for your trips:


It’s Easy to Use

I went on a trip to Japan last month and decided to get an overseas travel router from WiWander. It was a breeze right from the start.

I only had to reserve the router just a couple of days before my trip. It was delivered to my place, fully charged and ready to go. I just had to turn it on the moment I reached Japan. The router came in a protective case and WiWander also sent me an electricity adaptor with it. I simply pressed the “On” button, searched for the Wi-Fi signal on my phone and keyed in the password. And, voila! I am connected to the world again.


It’s Hassle-free

When I travel for long periods of time I purchase a local pre-paid SIM card at whichever country I am in. That means I have to go around hunting for a shop/outlet that sells SIM cards the moment I land in the new country. Sometimes there is the wait and checking with an assistant about activation of the local SIM card. Not to mention in the event that I use up my quota, I have to top up the SIM card.

With the overseas travel Wi-Fi router, I didn’t have to worry about all these problems. I had my internet connection at the touch of a button as soon as I landed in Japan. It was easy. I could easily check out how to get Hyperdia to see which train to get, check out my bookings and also keep everyone updated on Facebook and Instagram.


It’s Cheap

For my trip to Japan, it cost $8 per day to rent the Wi-Fi router. Which I consider cheap, for unlimited data and I could connect up to 8 devices (imagine if you are travelling with friends… you could easily split the cost!). With unlimited data, I could Skype family, work on blog posts and be on social media while I was on the road.


It saves you time

With internet in my pocket, I was able to connect my computer to the router and do some work on long train rides, for example. I would keep my family updated through emails, post things on social media and more importantly, then had more time to enjoy Japan.

With WiWander I was able to prepare a better trip and reschedule any commitments I had that needed to change from finding a great spot along the way.

The connection speed was fast and I could browse webpages easily. Throughout the trip I never had an experience of a lapse in connection.

Absolute bliss.

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