How to Travel Around Europe and Save Money


Congratulations if you’ve booked that trip to Europe you’ve been yearning for all this time. You’ll probably have read how some countries are more expensive because of their stronger economies, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve picked the dearest continent on the block. Not by a long shot. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling around Europe, you can make your money go just as far as in any other country with some strategic planning. Here’s how.

Look for the all-inclusive passes

The world’s main cities, are no stranger to tourism, of course, and do as much as possible to accommodate them. So, head to a tourist information and find out about the different discounts and offers on tourist attractions. Check, too, if there are any all-inclusive passes for public transport that include entry to attractions in the city. Cities such as Berlin, in Germany, and Oslo, in Norway, offer these.

Travel by bus

The quicker way around Europe is by train, undoubtedly, but if you’re in no rush, then make the most of this time on your hands to save money by catching the bus instead. Travelling by bus is cheaper than by train. This is especially the case in Britain, where citizens will likely tell that train fares are scandalously high. While you’re on the bus, you might even make a new friend or acquaintance who can let you on further tips to travel and save a few euros.

travel china by bus

Shop in cheaper countries

While you’re out travelling, you’ll be tempted to bag a few souvenirs, no doubt. But be selective when you’re shopping and buy your souvenirs in the countries where you get more for your money due to a better exchange rate. In some countries, the souvenirs will be more interesting than others, too. You can always take some extra photos in those countries where you give the souvenirs a miss (but you’ll be taking photos anyway, right?)!

Copy the locals

If you truly want to save money, befriend a local and make use of the insider knowledge they’ll provide. Locals often know where you can good quality food at lower prices, rather than pay extortionate prices for substandard meals in tourist traps. If you see a bar or restaurant packed with locals but not so many tourists, you know it’s a pretty good one. Locals also know what’s going in the area, so if you socialize you may get to learn of free events or low-priced events, whether it’s a football match or a local fair or festival.

Eat what’s in season

Eating what’s in season will save you money, as simple as that, as you’ll probably have to pay more for food that’s sold out of season. Germany likes white asparagus when it’s season, and the Italians like their porcini mushrooms. This is also the time to lap up the culinary nature: eat fish in Portugal, drink beer in Prague and white wine in Germany. Adapting to European tastes will carry you far when you travel.



As well as beautiful scenery, Europe boasts all kinds of opportunities to save money on travel. If you’re travelling from the UK, where you’d be closer to Europe, you should make the most of these by looking at online travel sites. There are potential savings to be had, especially if you’re shooting off to Europe on last minute holidays. Wouldn’t it good to have some extra euros in your pocket?

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