How To Stay Fit & Healthy On Vacation


Going on vacation is a time to relax and have fun, but that doesn’t mean all your healthy habits should be pushed to the wayside. Plan ahead, gather tips and pack accordingly so you can stay fit and healthy on vacation.

It’ll take an extra effort on your part but know that the benefits of you putting forth a little hard work to keep yourself feeling your best will be well worth it. Remember that moderation is always your most ideal course of action and that it’s all about making the right choices that are going to help ensure you continue to head in the right direction with your health and wellness goals. 

Continue to Exercise Daily

If you want to stay fit and healthy on vacation, then it’s vital that you commit to exercising daily. You can do this by booking a hotel that has a gym, packing workout attire and picking a time each day you’re going to break a sweat. You can learn more here about a useful fitness tool that will make working out on the road easy and fun. 

Eat the Right Foods

Another way to stay fit and healthy on vacation is to continue to eat the right types of foods, even though you’re away from home. This means filling your plate with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and limiting your sugars, bad fats, and carbohydrates intake. Remind yourself how much better you’ll feel and more energy you’ll have when you choose healthy foods at each meal as a way to motivate yourself to keep eating the right foods. 

Walk Whenever Possible

Vacation is a wonderful opportunity to fit in additional steps and walk more each day. Stay at a hotel that’s walking distance to the activities you want to do and places you want to eat and explore. Bring and wear a fitness tracker so that you can keep a close eye on how many steps you’re getting each day and then increase the amount accordingly. 

Hydrate with Water

It can be tempting to want to drink alcohol and sugary drinks while on vacation. However, this is only going to add empty and unwanted calories to your diet. Instead, consider staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water each day. Your skin will look better; you won’t feel as sluggish getting around, and drinking water promotes healthy weight management and weight loss.

Get Plenty of Rest & Sleep

Although you’re on a break from your regular schedule, it doesn’t mean you should lose out on getting good sleep. You can stay fit and healthy on vacation by resting and taking breaks frequently and choosing to go to bed at a decent hour each night. You’ll wake up ready to seize the day and tackle your daily workout when you make sleep a priority on your trip. You’ll be reducing your stress, helping yourself to lose weight and will be more alert the following day when you choose sleep over staying up late every night.

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