How To Save Money On Hotels When Backpacking 


When backpacking, if you are planning a trip which is a few days or weeks in duration, you are eventually going to have to call it a night and sleep in a hotel. But, you want to find the best deals, on the top hotel chains when time comes to book. When time comes to plan out your trip, and places you are going to be staying, these are a few of the simple ways in which you can find the best deals, and really save on the price of the hotel rooms you are going to book during your trip.

Plan and book early

 When you book in advance you save. This is the case with air fare, hotels, and other travel arrangements you make. So, map out your backpacking trip, places you plan on visiting, and find local hotels in the area where you plan on stopping during the evening. Doing this allows you to find the best hotels, and book them early, so you can take advantage of deals.

Consider other alternatives

Motels are a simple solution and far cheaper than most hotels. Additionally, today there are sites where you can book a home, and stay at someone’s home who is traveling and rents their home to travelers. It is a great way to “live in the area,” rather than simply visit it, and is typically far cheaper than hotel stays.


Compare online

Comparison shopping is a simple solution. Visit various booking sites, compare rates, compare early booking deals, and if you plan on doing local activities, you can also book package deals in order to save. You are going to pay less using booking sites than booking directly on a hotel’s website. But, you can save even more when you compare online hotel booking sites and look for the best deals out there to be found, before you actually book your stay and room for the nights you are in the area.

Consider the season

Depending on the time of year, you can typically find far cheaper stays with certain hotels, based on location and destination. If you are backpacking in a summer area, during the summer months, prices are higher. Consider waiting a few months, during off peak seasons so you can save. The same goes for winter destinations, or other special locations which travelers typically love to visit. During off peak, or slower seasons, you typically save a great deal on the room (also when dining, air fare, etc), so make sure to keep this in mind as you are mapping and planning out your backpacking destinations you want to hit.

With many local hotels, in nearly any backpacking destination or area, you can find great deals when you do have to call it a night and stay at a hotel. With this in mind, these are some of the many ways you can go about finding even better deals, and saving on the prices you are going to pay when you are ready to book your room and stay.

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