How to plan for your next trip


Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, a few weeks backpacking or even a weekend away, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sure, you want to make sure that you plan and schedule in the top sights, but equally, you want to have the freedom to go off the beaten track and discover your vacation destination under your own steam. Planning for your next trip need not be as stressful as you had thought; all it takes is a bit of homework and pre-vacation preparation before you leave home.  So, keep these tips to hand if you want your next trip to be glitch free.


Plan your budget

Whether you are planning a trip to Europe or the backpacking round-the-world trip of a lifetime, it’s vital that you save and plan your budget before you leave home. Make sure that you advise your bank and credit card provider to ensure that your cards don’t get blocked if you need to withdraw foreign currency. Be sure to travel with limited amounts of cash on you, as you may need this when you arrive to pay for a taxi or bus to your accommodation. Take time to draw up a spreadsheet and work out your weekly or daily budget, so you have a rough idea of just how much you have to spend.


Get your documents in order

Secondly, you are going to need to get your documents and paperwork ready and in order before you set off on your travels. Some countries will require you to present a tourist visa at immigration, so it’s vital that you check on embassy websites if you want to avoid being refused entry at the border. You may also need to present proof that you have the funds to support your trip and even hotel or hostel bookings in some cases. Countries within Europe may also ask to see a copy of your travel insurance documentation upon arrival too. Make sure that you shop around before choosing the right cover or insurance provider for you – and check the type of medical cover that you will be provided with. It can be all too easy to think that you won’t need to make an insurance claim, but it’s best not to risk it – as accidents and illness can occur at any time.


Book key sights

If you are short on time and visiting a popular tourist destination, then it is worth booking tickets and entrance passes for key sites or museums in advance. Not only can this save you money, but it will also help you avoid disappointment in case the line is incredibly long, or you are visiting for the weekend. Sites such as The Paris Guy can help you to book your Louvre tickets before you even touch down in Paris. So, if you are short on time, then this is one step that you should definitely follow.

Planning for your next trip need not be a stressful experience. Be sure to budget and get your documents in order before leaving home. While booking key sights in advance will help avoid any disappointment once you arrive.

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