How to Plan a Holiday With Kids in Australia


Australian holidays are the stuff of dreams; even if you are an Australian native, there are so much incredible, exciting, amazing areas you may not have explored yet. That’s why your next getaway with your family should be discovering more about this beautiful land and its places. How do you plan the best holiday imaginable, however? 

Make sure you start with an itinerary such as what are your interests, what are the things that keep the kids engaged too, as well as when do you want to go, how much holiday time do you have and which places you definitely want to see.

What’s the Interest

You need to make sure you hit all the agendas on everyone’s lists when you plan your trip. Be realistic and think about how much sightseeing a child can do and plan accordingly. Perhaps if you visit Brisbane, you can incorporate the Brisbane markets alongside visiting Brisbane Zoo so that every need is met.

When’s the Best Time

Australia is fantastic any time of the year, but you need to make sure you choose the right places in the right season. Sydney is perfect all year for trips, whereas Queensland can be wet in the summer. North Australia is not a good idea in summer as it is the wet season with very difficult general conditions; Southern Australia is better in warmer months.

Make sure you take into consideration term time travel as that is going to be a lot more expensive to travel in than out of term. If your children are currently enrolled in a primary school for Doreen and surrounding suburbs children, junior, and secondary school, such as Plenty Valley Christian College, then you will have to make sure you have an authorised absence to go away in term time.

How Much Time

How much time you spend on your trip is dependant on your requirements and conditions, but the best way to see the most you can on your tip is to plan ahead. If you have a three-week trip, you can make a road trip from Cairns to Sydney. You can also see the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains, or some of the Eastern Coast. As the country is so vast, you are better seeing fewer places in detail than you are trying to fit in hundreds of locations in a three-week stay.

Places You Can’t miss

If you have limited time, try the tourist hot spots first and then discover the rest when you return another time. Places like:

All offer a very different experience and ones that shouldn’t be missed.

Australia is an incredible country, and with the right planning, both on budget and on the itinerary, you will be able to see so many amazing things on your trip. Make sure you visit in the right months as your trip could be a very different type of memory if you hit Australia in the rainy months yet you expect to go swimming in the sea every day!

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