How To Make Your Dream Holiday More Affordable


Plans to visit your dream holiday location can often be put on hold when you start to add up the costs of travel and saving enough money is difficult when you have financial commitments to prioritise at home. There are some savvy holiday tips however, that can make your dream holiday a reality sooner than you think. Following the advice below when planning and booking your next trip will give you more funds to spend on the activities you love when you’re there. 

Stagger Your Travel Payments

Paying out huge lumps of money to cover flights and accommodation is often the main reason why travel plans are put on hold, but there is an alternative financial plan you can follow that won’t cost you the earth. Companies such as Pay Later Travel allow you to finance your flights with no interest or credit checks when you book, which will enable you to book your travel when prices are at their lowest. Choosing a payment plan that is affordable to repay gives you the opportunity to put some spending money aside for your holiday and not add any extra financial burden to your monthly outgoings. Repayment plans can start off at as little as $18 dollars a week and instalments can be paid for up to 26 weeks, a great option if you’re travelling with a large family in tow. 

Choose Self-Catered Accommodation Over A Hotel

When searching for accommodation while you’re away, don’t rule out self-catered options as they often work out cheaper than a hotel or bed and breakfast. Online marketplaces such as Airbnb have opened up more options for travellers when it comes to finding the accommodation you need. Spacious houses can be found for reasonable prices and dining costs will be inevitably lower while you’re away. 

Having a kitchen with all the culinary amenities you need will allow you to cook for your holiday party and avoid expensive restaurant prices every evening. You could even opt for shared accommodation, instead of a private dwelling, and rent out a room in an Airbnb instead. This will also allow you to keep costs low and save funds for making memories while you’re there.  

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Visit Your Destination In Low Season

If you’re able to visit your dream destination during the low season then this is another great way to reduce travel costs, and you might have a more enjoyable time while you’re there. Airlines and hotels will hike up prices to make the most of the demand during these peak weeks, and often offer discounts and sales when it’s a less popular time to travel. Take advantage of this whenever you can, especially if you’re not restricted by when your children are out of school. Visiting during the low season will mean there will be fewer tourists around, giving you the opportunity to experience the culture in a more authentic way. You won’t have to queue to visit the top tourist attractions in town and you won’t need to fight for a sun lounger when you visit the beach.

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