How to Make a Simple Birthday Celebration Memorable


Birthday traditions are passed down to us by our parents, and they are always a real delight for kids. With these one or two little touches to your child’s simple birthday celebration, you will be able to really set the day apart and make it memorable. 

These birthday traditions don’t ever have to be expensive or complicated— all they need to be is wonderful. If you read on further, you will find out what we’re talking about. You can also visit BloomsyBox for a little more inspiration before your special one’s birthday. 

Birthday Boy/Girl Compliment Time

This is a beautiful way of letting a child (or even a grown-up) know how much you love them. All you have to do is write down compliments beforehand and share them with the birthday person at any time of the day. 

If you are hosting a birthday party, you may also place a birthday wishes jar for the guests. These guests can then leave anonymous compliments for the recipients whenever they feel like getting a boost of positivity. 

Special Ways to Wake Up

A birthday tradition can be as simple as letting the birthday person wake up to everyone singing happy birthday and even inviting the children for snuggles. Parents may even choose to share the baby pictures of these children as the very first thing in the morning. 

Some people are also known to decorate the birthday person’s doorway with streamers after they have gone to sleep. They do so because the birthday person will have a whole celebratory door to walk through when they wake up in the morning. 

Let Your Child Pick the Cake/Dinner/Breakfast 

Some families let their kids pick whichever cake they want to have – even if it is stacked to the brim with marshmallows. So don’t say NO to your child on their birthday even if they ask for something like a Strawberry Elephant Cake. 

Other than the cake, children can also be given the option of choosing what should be cooked at home or where the family could go out for a meal. 

Make Memory Keepsakes for the Year

It doesn’t matter whether you keep just one framed photo or a whole photo album, but keepsakes are meant to highlight the best and most fun moments of the past year. There are some families out there that even save commemorative keepsakes for every birthday as an ornament for the year. These can include calendars, t-shirts, or even a whole personalized journal for the year. 

Special Decorations for Birthdays

All it takes to turn a simple birthday celebrations into something very special is that way you decorate your home. It doesn’t even have to be something over the top – birthday buntings like these can really turn the birthday party a sweet tradition. 

Embracing Calamities

Some birthday traditions are born in the midst of disasters such as when a person is very sick. This doesn’t mean that a birthday party can’t be spent on the bed and made memorable for that special someone. 

Make it happen!

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