How to Learn about Other Cultures through National Holidays


There was a time when people of other cultures didn’t live side-by-side as frequently as they now do. Multicultural communities were often found only in large cities and even then, people would tend to stay close to people of their own ethnic or religious background. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why there is so much warring among nations. We simply don’t understand each other as we should. Other cultures have remained just as distant as they always have. There really are effective ways to remedy that.


We Are No Longer a Segregated World

With such widespread use of the Internet and the ability to travel around the globe in a single day, it’s a shame that we don’t take more time out of our busy lives to learn about other cultures and the people living side-by-side with us in our communities.

Perhaps by starting with their national holidays, we can better understand their cultures in order to pass this wisdom down to our children. The first thing to do is research various cultures and their most important holidays.


Understanding Holidays Can Help Our Children Respect Other Cultures

What many parents do is place a holiday calendar on the wall so that kids can ask about the different days. Cinco de Mayo is the most popular Latin American holiday and one that kids can have a great deal of fun with. But why is this a tradition? Why not download a customizable calendar from the Calendar Craze website so that your kids can have fun designing and coloring important days?

In fact, do you even know the history of the Hispanic Cinco de Mayo, Jewish Passover, or Eid Al-Fitr at the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan? Some may be familiar and others not. Help your kids learn to appreciate the custom of others and you’ll be teaching them very important lessons in life.

How to Learn about Other Cultures through National Holidays

Celebrate with Your Neighbours

It truly is a global society we live in and one we should all appreciate more. Perhaps this will lead to a time when wars are fewer because we will have developed a better appreciation for the fact that all people share common characteristics that are part and parcel of being human. Mothers everywhere love their babies, as do fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and so forth. Family life is important no matter where you go or what language you speak. This could be a common meeting ground from which to begin learning.

Many times you have neighbours who are of a different faith or national origin than your own. Sometimes they are happy to share their holidays with you and in return, you share yours with them. It makes for a better community and goes a long way in ending conflict due to lack of understanding and appreciation. This truly is a small world and getting smaller by the day. Start at home by learning the cultures of others and there may come a day in your life when people really do make an effort to peacefully share this big ball floating in an endless sky.

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