How to Get Your Car Roadtrip Ready


With summer, millions of people travel by car. It is necessary to check your car before leaving. So, this article will show how to get your car road-trip-ready.

Showing how to get your car roadtrip ready will help reduce the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions for your vehicle. And, it ensures optimal comfort onboard and maximum safety during your holidays by car.

Here are the first checks that you need to carry out. Some of them you can implement by yourself, others by contacting a specialized workshop.

1 | Verification of Liquids

One of the first operations that you must carry out is the proper maintenance of the pre-departure car in terms of the fluids. Notably, there must be a check-up of the engine oil and the coolants, the wipers, the brakes, and the power steering.

You should check whether their levels are adequate. If they are slightly lower than the maximum values stated in the trays, the vehicle still operates efficiently. It is essential to ensure the correct operating system of the car for every roadtrip.

2 | Checking the Tires

Another first check is the vehicle tires. The tire’s integrity is essential to guarantee the safety of all passengers while travelling by car. If you want to avoid unpleasant fines, the tire tread must have a height of at least 1.6mm.

However, it is advisable not to go below 3mm for roadtrip driving, especially in conditions of weak grip. Besides, it is necessary to check the tire pressure at the beginning of the journey and immediately when you arrive back at your house.

If you see the tire is worn out, you need to replace it immediately, so you can visit here to choose the right tire for the vehicle you are driving.

3 |Review of the Brakes

A more complex check-up of the car is the brake system, which requires the intervention of a specialized mechanic. Also, in this case, the brakes will determine your roadtrip safety level.

Therefore, the maintenance of the wheel locking system should never be underestimated to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

4 | Test of Taillights and Headlights

The most uncomplicated check, which can also be carried out on your own, is the inspection of the headlights and taillights. The Highway Code provides the obligation to dipped lights on even during the day, on other urban roads, and the highway.

Therefore, they must be fully functional. Besides, you must also look at the other headlights. All of them are equally useful during daytime and especially night driving, such as the position lights and the high beam.

In the workshop, it is possible to carry out a brightness test. Otherwise, with the DIY simple steps, you can check and even fix them by yourself.

5 | Reset the Air Conditioner

Before leaving for the holidays, perform a check-up of the air conditioning system. The air-conditioning system is a fundamental operation in the summer to ensure adequate comfort for all passengers on board, especially in heavy traffic.

By ensuring that the system is efficient, you and your family will have a pleasant and healthy indoor environment on the roadtrip drives.

6 | Checking the Spare Wheel

Often forgotten for months or years, but the spare wheel is an essential component. Its importance is only noticeable when you are desperate on the road.

During the car maintenance, check the condition of the spare wheel by inspecting its tread, the internal air pressure, and damage and breakages. Also, it is advisable to ensure that it is easily removable from the trunk or car bottom. So, you will not waste too much time using it in case of a puncture.

7 | Verification of Emergency Kits

Prudence is always vital for any roadtrip, especially when you are traveling with children. Besides the vehicle’s efficiency, it is essential to check the emergency kits or purchase a complete one from a professional dealer.

Among the essential objects, there are the reflective jacket and the warning triangle that you must have for the trip. They are mandatory by law as required by the Highway Code.

We recommend having a basic first aid kit and a set of tools and a quick tire repair system for your roadtrip.

8 | Cleaning the Filters

Many drivers sometimes neglect this task. The machine filters are responsible for the ultimate operation of the engine. Therefore, implement this part carefully.

Specifically, it is necessary to check the air, oil, and fuel filters, which can be cleaned if they are in pleasant condition. Otherwise, they must be replaced. In this way, it is possible to keep the engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and avoiding malfunctions.

9 | Battery Overhaul

The latest generation of batteries lasts for a long time. It is common to forget to perform a charge test on a cell which causes you to face an interminable journey with the battery almost completely discharged.

You can use a multimeter to test the battery’s efficiency. It is a tool that allows you to understand if the time replaces the car battery by analyzing the electric current, resistance, and voltage.

In principle, the average life of a battery is about three years. A cell can’t last over 4 or 5 years; therefore, even if the values ​​are not minimal, in this case, it must still be changed.

10 | Examination of Documents

The last check of the car before enjoying roadtrips is the documents of the vehicle. Although it seems unlikely, many drivers forget the deadlines of the overhaul or car stamp.

Unless you have decided to torrent your car or delegate the vehicle’s bureaucratic management to the rental company, it is essential to check the vehicle’s documents, including insurance and driving license.

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