While travelling we meet a great array of people who are usually very creative on how their manage to finance their travels – but we all share one thing: Less is More.
Get clear on what it is you want from life. For us, travel lifestyle was a huge priority in our lives and we’ve made other decisions based on that. We bought old cars, our furniture was hand-me-downs or things picked up on the side of the road… And we’ve made it work! We did that by being very consciously aware of our priorities and always living beneath our means. You don’t need to be rich, just resourcefull.

Get back to basics

Your life will be less cluttered and open to new experience. Ditch labels, brand new cars or other goods. Remove gym membership and running outside instead, or why not start surfing!
Doing without your weekly dinner out with friends at €15, or $30 pops up some good bucks. And here is your plane ticket, voilá! But, it won´t keep you running for long, but at least it’s money that will buy you food while travelling.

Sell your stuff

This is my favorite!  I love a good garage sale and ebay. Sort through your belonging and just think: will I be disappointed if I don’t have this in 12 months time? Will I use it in the next 12 months?
All that stuff you thought was important maybe it isn’t,with that you can make couple hundred bucks, that will give you a few days somewhere.

Rent or get Boarders

do you h ave a spare room? Invite people to come and join you! You not only get extra cash but you will meet great people.
If you travel for a while, rent your place to friends or family for a couple of weeks, even with a lower rent it will keep you going for a while.


Most travelers manage to be on the road because they are able to save money before they travel. For some, a bank loan might help, they avail personal loans to travel – some banks really understand travelers mind, but always make sure you understand the concept and agreement first!
If you choose the right company, this can be a why of starting your travels with some money.
You can always set up a direct debit from your checking account to your savings account each month. Taking money out of the picture before you have a chance to know it’s gone makes savings a breeze.

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