So you cannot afford to go on vacation next summer. It does not matter! Whether your budget is tight or you simply cannot get away for very long, it does not matter. After the hustle and bustle of a busy life, taking your annual leave, or even just planning towards it is a good way to have something to look forward to. No matter when you decide to take the time off all for yourself, not being able to travel far doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy all the pleasures of a vacation. How? With a hotel staycation.

This means you can book a hotel in your hometown and still feel like you had a break. Check out the award-winning hotel – for a great staycation venue, a friend of mine stayed there before and she kept praising about the Fine international cuisine at the Seaview Restaurant.

With a little careful planning, you can still indulge in the joys of a getaway without having to go very far. Unlike a holiday that involves travel, a staycation will incur minimal travel expenses, and you can still get loads of rest and relaxation.


Here are a few tips to help make your staycation unforgettable:


1| Book time off work

That means taking a proper break. Just because you will be staying in town does not mean you have to work from home or pop into the office. Set a start and end day for your leave and take completely take that time off work just like if you were going to travel. Remember to activate your out-of-office responder. You have worked hard, don’t short-change yourself!


2| Draw up a budget

Staycation or regular vacation, a budget still applies. You do not want to go mad having fun and adventures and then feel bad about spending too much or being completely broke. Decide what you are going to spend, write it down on paper and stick to it.


3| Plan exciting activities

While you may not be travelling, there are plenty of local places to visit and things to do that you may well not have noticed before. Go online, ask friends and colleagues and determine a list that suits your interests. Even the simple act of spending quality time with the family playing board games is a good idea.


4| Stock up on snacks

Snacks, drinks, groceries, biscuits, sweets and anything else you like. It probably does go without saying, but it is important to shop a little more beforehand than you usually would or your days off are just going to feel like a short bit of leave. Go heavy on the treats to enjoy your staycation!


5| Sort out the kids

If you do have children, you know just how exhausting they can be and can take the fun out of your staycation. So why not bundle them off to grandma and grandad, or if they do have to be with you, arrange adequate entertainment and have babysitters ready to help out.


6| Use the services of support companies

The whole point is to avoid routine and create a feeling of a traditional holiday, so you are not bogged down with errands and chores. There are companies out there who will take the stress of their clients by helping ensure you actually have a proper break.


Your staycation doesn’t need to be expensive. You can plan a simple, inexpensive one and still enjoy. What’s important is that you can have a getaway from your busy life.

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