Hooray Heroes send us one of their personalised books from the Daddy Edition. They wanted Noah and me to give our honest feedback and review.

What do mean by “Personalised Book”?

Hooray Heroes is a strat up company that specialises in personalised books. They have an online platform where you get to choose the book edition you want to choose from and then you are able to add family members name’s and even create the caracters.

We chose the “When______ Grows Up” from the daddy edition…(shhhh .. its a surprise for Father’s day!). So we ordered a book titled “When Noah Grows Up”

We personalized Paul’s and Noah’s character: change skin, eye, and hair colour, we had some freckles… They are loads of different options in terms of hairstyles, glasses, beard, you name it they have it there!

Noah thought it was hilarious to have him and dad as a cartoon!

And what the story about?

The book is a compliation of stories. You can choose 10 stories from a range of 25 different stories that relate to different professions. There is such a wide variety to choose from so make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about which stories fit your child’s personality. Each story will have your child’s and dad’s character on it – it’s really special!

Noah choose the following professions:

The Review

When Hooray Heroes teamed up with us, they didn;t want to know so much about my review. Of course not! They wanted to know Noah’s experience and his honest feedback.

Well.. if you have an (almost!!!) 5 years old you know that their feedback will be the honest as it comes, brutal and roughtless.

So here is Noah’s thoughts on his book:

This is a book about me and dad. Finn is not in this book but I wish he was so you know the story about me being an astranaut? Well, that one the picture of me is a bit smaller so we can pretend it’s Finn there. I think he will be happy to be there. I think this book it’s special because it’s me in it! And dad and I sometimes we have boy’s time and we do most of the adventures that the book has, I’m sure when I grow up and dad is like super super old he will still cook with me, maybe go to space and travel around the world – I’m sure he will!

I love the pictures. In the book i have a friend there – not sure if it’s a toy or real – but i don’t know it’s name, it’s an animal – next time these people make a book about me and dad maybe they can tell us the name of my friend. Ah and maybe they can change the last picture because I don’t sleep in a cot for like years and years! A bunk bed or a tent will be better I think.

I love this book, it will stay with me forever and ever in my room up high so Finn can rip the pages ok?!

Noah, 5 years old (almost!)

Final Thoughts

When we got the book Noah’s Grandma was here. She was the first person to try, yes try, to read the book…. I was cooking in the kitchen and all I could here was a little cry… Gradma could move on from the first page, she got so emotional with the first page.

This book really touches our hearts! It’s a beautiful gift and I know Paul will be wrapped when he gets it on father’s day!

Hooray Heroes has kindly sent us this book for us to review and share our honest thoughts!

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