Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount


Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount

Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount

The GoPro – the little high definition camera that has made it possible for everyone to capture awesome shots in any environment, at your own style. They are really awesome!

And now you don’t even need to be stuck in one spot to capture your shot. Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount is a moulded mouthpiece made of soft silicone and rubber which you wear to take your action shots hands free and independently. And we all need to agree that is way better then the selfie shot taken from the nose of our board.

 We put it to test and:

 It’s just like having a snorkel in your mouth, sitting perfectly between your teeth. I must confess that i was a bit worried about breathing through the mounts but the gaps at the end of the mount enables you to breath easily.

 Paddling and even duck diving didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel any problem to hold it tight with my teeth, although you do feel pretty worried and clumsy at first (or maybe that’s just me). Make sure you don’t lean forward too much when you do  duck dive as wax can get in the lens.

 Besides the mount being quite light, I did feel my jaws a bit sore after a while. But it is perfectly fine for an hour surf and while waiting for the set I made sure that I used the leash to rest my mouth.

 It was surprisingly easy to use! I need to admit that the first shots were upside down so make sure you  check your camera settings to be sure they are to upside down mode! When setting up for your surf also, make sure you secure the leash to the front of your wet tie as it is pretty short.

 And the fact that you don’t need to hold the camera makes a massive difference.

 After Paul and I had experimented in the past with holding and securing the Go Pro in all different ways and finding it real tricky, this was such a welcome change. Look out for some shots with the Ho Stevie! Mount from our upcoming surf trip and skateboarding.

Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount

Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount

Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount









  • Easy to use
  • Light weight


  • your jaws can get bit sore after long use periods

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  1. Comment by 3G

    3G Reply 19/06/2015 at 1:46 PM

    Also got one from Stevie 🙂 pretty cool

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