The mountain and the wave.. So many times I have dreamed with the perfect places of lush green peaks tasting the first sun…
Mt Tamborine was formed by Mt Warning lava flow… The lush rainforest is ideal for hikers who want to discover the hidden beauty of Mt Tamborine.  Going for a
bush walk in these surrounds you truly feel like you have stepped back in time. What better way to do it, than to be suspended above the floor in the canopy of the tall rainforest! Not quite
but it s what it feels like!!!
The rocking of the structure makes me nervous but
I guess this just adds to the adventure. I am at the Skywalk in Mt Tamborine, enjoying a peaceful day sorrounded by wildlife viewed like you never usually can on a normal bush walk. This elevated walkway goes for 300m through the rainforest canopy and will led you to the rockpools.
down is different, it make us see things in a different perspective. Opens our
mind to the amazing life and system within these ancient forests…
With 210
different tree species, 40 different shrubs,  55 ferns, 26 orchids and 75 vines,some which you mistake for trees because of their size you truly get a “bird’s eye view” of the shades and lushness of green. This is paradise for your eyes..
This remarkable infrastructure is run by the Moore family who managed to build without cutting down any trees and are more than happy to share their knowledge of this wonderful land!!!
The family owned acreage is the perfect way of starting a day in Mt Tamborine. Only a short drive from some of the most popular beaches in Australia, the rainforest offers amazing sights and sounds and travelling a short distance, you find many to capture their experience and inspiration from this land. It’s a great spot to come alone,
with your family or friends especially when you have been doing many hours of driving- which can easily happen in Australia!!!
Strolling along this platform in some of the world’s oldest rainforest is quite an

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