I had a couple of emails from my last post. There were two groups of people- Aussies complaining about the heat (mainland is having a heatwave with 40+ degrees) and those on the northern hemisphere (still a little sceptical of my story that it’s cold in Australia).


We are on our way to South Cape, the most southern point of Australia and I never thought that in the land of beaches, palm trees, humidity and wide open plains that cold, alpine land was part of this amazing country.


I did some research! I found that cities with a similar lattitude in the north hemisphere to here are: Boston, Toronto, Sofia!, vladivostok… The winds here are amazing and really bite into you. We have dipped our toes into the most amazing blue, clear beaches and have been too scared to jump in as yet.


However, i need to admit that techically we did, but we cheated! We went to the natural thermal springs at Hastings Cave which has water at 28*c!

This place is breathtaking and can’t wait to see more!


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