Finishing my first race

I am a runner!

Well I did it!! Yesterday was my first run in a big, organised event, Bridge to Brisbane and, believe me when I say this, no one is more surprised than me about the race… I never train running. I don’t like the feeling- when I get puffed or feel tired in my legs, I just stop- it seems boring. But during this run, I actualy kept going- I hardly stopped for the 5km! I was so happy running with all the people. If you have never run in a big race- you should definitely do it!!! It is so good to have everyone there with you and have music, water spraying from fans when you are hot, everything! I just loved it. I am now hooked and want to do more. It is hard to believe but maybe, finally, I am interested in running

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  1. Comment by Mário

    Mário Reply 13/09/2011 at 3:47 PM

    Boa a tua primeira corrida e gostaste e não foste a última pois ficaste com um terço dos atletas depois de ti. Eu na minha primeira corrida fui último mas… GOSTEI e nunca mais deixei de correr e já lá vão 50 anos de corridas quase diárias. Como dizia FERNANDO PESSOA relativamente à Coca Cola: "primeira estranha-se depois entranha-se!"… Com a corrida longa é também um pouco assim… ENTRANHA-SE mesmo!

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