Glowing Experience – Springbrook National Park


Natural Bridge cave

Natural Bridge cave

Bush walk all day, then wait for dark to bush walk again. This is the way to finish the year with an illuminated experience – finding glow worms.While walking down to the Natural Bridge cave can feel a little Blair Witch, having a torch in our pockets made the feeling a bit softer. 

Glowing worms at Natural Bridge

Glowing worms at Natural Bridge

We tried not to use our torch much and were rewarded with random glow worms dotted throughout the walk. Besides from these glowing patterns dotting the rocks, there were also mushrooms that lit up the ground, making this place more special than ever.

The greatest amount of light however, came from inside the cave at Natural Bridge. Set high on the roof of the cave, the worms give a mini sky with their own type of star constellations. It is easy to imagine the success these worms would have from this amazing chemical reaction  to lure in their prey but it doesn’t decrease the magic for our viewing.
 glowing mushrooms in natural bridge

and glowing mushrooms!

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