Getting Your Dose Of Aussie Culture In The Heart Of Sydney


Sun, sea, and sand aren’t the only things that draw thousands upon thousands of travellers to Australia’s golden shores every year. The diverse, welcoming culture of Australia is born of a rich society. Famously laid back, ever up for a chat, and inventive when it comes to having fun, if you want a taste of real Aussie culture, then here’s how you find it in the most well-loved city on the continent, Sydney.




Take a bite

There’s nothing quite like getting up close with the cuisine of a country to really get a sense of its culture. Because Oz has predominantly western routes, it’s easy to find all kinds of foods you’re more familiar with, and when it comes to BBQ, nowhere in the world does it better. But it’s worth taking a trip on the wild side, too, with exotic meats like crocodile, emu and ostrich. Perhaps the very best is in the seafood, however, and in Sydney, Fish at the Rocks on Kent Street is a bite worth taking.


A town with real personality

Oz has a lot of personality and history and nowhere is that more on display than The Rocks. Right by the Sydney Harbour, in view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, this is a town where the old meets the new in spectacular fashion. With cobbled streets and beautifully preserved architecture to contemporary art galleries and lots of pop-up art and performance centres, there is always something happening in The Rocks as shows.

the rocks sydney

Hear the roar of the crowd

If you want to see a people at their most passionate, then sports is always one way to experience it. Sites like always have an event to see, from rugby to cricket to Aussie rules football. The ANZ Stadium, in particular, is always packed with passionate fans, whose infectious spirit can easily be felt even by travellers from furthest away.


The city’s favourite harbour

When there’s something big going on throughout the city, there’s one harbour that’s always going to be the life of the party. Darling Harbour. A huge leisure complex with hotels, shops, spas, restaurants and anything else a tourist would want, the harbour really comes to life when there’s something to celebrate. If you really want to be dazzled, check it out during the Vivid light festival, where it has some of the most extravagant and gorgeous displays on.

vivid sydney

Sail in style

Every city and every region has that one tour you should really try out, and in Sydney, it’s the Manly Ferry. As shows, it’s not called that because it’s super masculine, but because it offers a fantastic sightseeing opportunity, heading out from the city to show one of the most beautiful coasts in the country, as well as the area’s impressive docks.

You don’t have to stick to Sydney for a taste of Australian culture, of course. You’ll find it wherever you happen to go. Hopefully, you’ll find the people, tastes, and experience of Australia as welcoming, warm, and lively as most do.


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