Getting A Good Night’s Sleep On A Road Trip


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential on a road trip – especially if you’re doing most of the driving. And yet it’s something many of us overlook. Here are just a few tips on how to sleep well during a road trip.

Sleeping in your vehicle

Choosing to sleep in your vehicle could save you a lot of money on accommodation. However, unless you’ve got an RV, it’s likely your vehicle isn’t designed for sleeping in. This means making a few adjustments and taking a few measures to get a good night’s sleep. Some of the major things to consider include:

Privacy/safety: Be wary of where you park up – you don’t want there to be people nosing around outside your window, so it’s best to park up somewhere secluded. A windshield cover could stop people peeking in and stop the light getting in too. There may be laws or rules against sleeping in your vehicle in certain places, so be wary of this too.

Cleanliness: If you’re sleeping in your vehicle, you need it to be a clean environment. Don’t leave food waste in your car. Ventilating your car during the day can also keep the air clean.

Comfort: Lack of comfort could have you tossing and turning. In many cars, the most comfortable option is to fold down the back seats and use the combined boot and passenger space – however this may not be possible if you’ve got lots of luggage (unless you can put it in a roof box). Bringing lots of pillows to pad out seats can definitely help. You may also want blankets or sleeping bags to keep you warm, as cars can get very cold at night.

Bringing a tent/caravan

Another option is to bring a tent or a caravan. This gives you the option of portable accommodation without having to sleep in your car.

A tent is the cheapest option and most easy to transport. You do have the hassle of putting up the tent and finding good ground to camp up on, but seasoned campers may not find this to be too much trouble. Investing in a good tent will ensure that you stay warm and dry.

Caravans can be cosier, however they’re more expensive to buy and they can make driving a little more difficult (especially parking and reversing). It’s worth spending your time looking for a comfortable and robust caravan that outweighs the benefits of a tent.

There is also the option of camper trailers. These are raised tents on trailers that can serve as a happy medium between a tent and a caravan – they’re not as much of a hassle to put up as tents and they’re easier to tow than caravans. It’s worth doing your research to find the best one for your budget.

Sleeping in a hotel/hostel

If you need a bed to get a good night’s sleep, stopping at hotels and hostels may be the only option. On long road trips, you may even need a hotel or hostel simply for respite.

Planning and booking such accommodation ahead can prevent you driving around late at night in search of an available room. There are many sites and apps that you can use to compare pricing of accommodation.  

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