Inland from the lights of the gold coast you’ ll find areas almost untouched of subtropical rainforest.

Eucalyptus forest clings to the hillside round the gorges and falls, such as witches falls and cedar creek falls. The walking trails to the latter, and to Cameron falls have spectacular look outs. The McPherson range has plenty to offer.

Alas, bush turkeys (always), nocturnal tawny frogmouth and goannas are some of the shyer inhabitants to be found. Kookaburras, cockatoos and galahs are the most common habitants of this range.

Heading south you will find thickly wooden valleys, gorges waterfalls, rock pools, caves and superb views – the lamination national park is one of the best spots in the region for wildlife!

take your time and get lost in these wilderness areas. There’s no freedom like such..

Let your eyes soak all the beauty around you…

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