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"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home.' -James Michener

get cultural


  For the Aboriginal people the land is sacred because the essence of Aboriginal spirituality lies in the Earth: spirit guides are resting in the mountains, in the rocks, in the rivers.   This Sunday while climbing Mt Warning (or Wollumbin) I was wondering about the different sacred mountains and places that I have been […]

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Arakoon State Conservation Area is home to Trial Bay Gaol (1886), a picturesque ruin which was built as a public works prison but was also used as a World War I internment camp. The gaol is surrounded by rocky foreshores and beautiful sandy beaches. Paul and I did m ost of the walking treks and […]

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Some Australian Inventions

The Australians have always been an inventive lot, not only did the Aboriginals invent some amazing things, in more recent history we have created some much needed things to make life easier and more comfortable. Here are some: 1953 – Solar Water Heater The first prototype of a solar water heater was developed at CSIRO […]

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