Australian Day celebration

The Australian language is a mystery in its self. They claim to speak the language of the Queen, but I do not truly believe them. The laidback attitude that represents the country has also influenced the way they speak. You will rarely find a word longer than 8 letters that isn’t cut in half or a sentence that does not end with “mate”.

Five  for the beach:

Thongs – Cheap rubber backless sandals. (No, not the ones that go up your ass…)

Bluey – Bluebottle jellyfish (If you hear someone shout this.. GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WATER)

White pointers – Topless (female) sunbathers.

Nipper – Young surf lifesaver.

Shark biscuit : somebody new to surfing


Five Australian slang words for the pub:

Piss – Beer. Hence “hit the piss”

Stubby – a 375ml. beer bottle.

Longneck –  a 750ml. beer bottle.

Roadie – a beer you buy to take away with you.

Goon – Extremelly cheap and equally horrible wine.


Five Australian Slang words for nationalities:

Kiwi: A New Zealander

POHM or Pommie – Englishmen (Prisoner Of Her Majesty)

Kangaroo – A person from Australia

Sheepshagger  – A more insulting slang for a New Zealander

Islander – A person from Fiji, Tonga…


Five Australian Slang words for a Sunday:

Barbie – barbecue

Footy – Australian Rules football

Arvo – afternoon

Bog in : to attack food with enthusiasm

Veg out : to relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)


  1. Comment by mdsol

    mdsol Reply 15/03/2010 at 10:58 PM

    … e, assim, vou aprendendo muitas coisas sobre a Austrália…
    Beijinhos, Sofia


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