Fun health and fitness tips for travellers


While you might not think that health, fitness and holidays go hand in hand, it’s important that you don’t leave all your good habits from your daily life behind at home. Just because you are on a trip, whether it’s somewhere exotic and news, or somewhere you’ve visited time and time again, there’s no excuse for completely forgetting your gym routine or good eating habits. You can even make fitness much more fun while you are away from home! Therefore, even if you are trying to tone up or lose a few pounds, you can still enjoy keeping healthy and well in your exotic new surroundings. When it comes to health and fitness, it’s vital to remember that balance is key. These top tips can help get you moving and eating well so that you reach your targets sooner than you would at home.


Be resourceful

Half the fun of staying fit and well while you are away is making the most of what’s available to you. When you are travelling or away from home, you don’t need access to an expensive gym to stay in shape, when you can be resourceful with what’s available around you. You can start with your backpack, the ideal weight to help you improve upper body strength and muscle tone. Everyday activities such as hiking and swimming provide ideal cardio to keep your body moving, while park benches and even your hotel or hostel’s steps are ideal for stretches and exercises. Be resourceful with what’s available and you won’t need to spend any money.


Try a new sport

Now you’re away from home and in a different mindset, use all that new found energy to try a new sport or activity that you’ve always dreamed of – just make sure that your insurance provides the right level of cover for you and your loved ones. From zorbing to paragliding or even sand boarding, there is a range of extreme sports waiting for you to enjoy around the globe. You can even plan your trip to squeeze a few of them in! As with any new activity, make sure that you listen to your instructors and be sure to use the protective clothing and equipment.


Don’t forget your supplements

If you usually take supplements or diet drops then make sure that you don’t forget to pack these for your travels. Supplements are ideal if you are on the road, and are looking to boost your weight loss efforts. Before investing in any new supplements, make sure that you do your homework first. Sites such as hcg diet review provide feedback and information to help you make the right choice for you.

Even if you are travelling, there’s no excuse for letting your diet and weight loss regime slip when you can explore fun new ways to keep moving and active. Be resourceful and use what’s around you, try out new and exciting sports and don’t forget to pack any diet drops or supplements that you usually take when you’re back home.

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