Fun Events That Happen In Australia


Whether you’re coming to Australia for your annual vacation, or are a backpacker travelling the country on a 12 month working holiday, there’s something significant happening somewhere at all times of the year.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the events that are worth checking out if you’re in Australia at the right place and at the right time.

Do You Love Your Motorsport?

Every March Melbourne plays host to the very first Formula 1 Grand Prix race of the season. You don’t even have to be a racing enthusiast to enjoy a day at Albert Park Raceway.

There are not too many global events that are more glamorous than Formula 1 racing, and the Melbourne event attracts crowds from every corner of the globe.

The “Big Day Out”

If you love your music festivals in the middle of summer, then attending the Big Day Out might be right up your alley.

The event is held during January and February each year at various locations around the country, including the Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Get to see the best of both local bands as well as some big name overseas artists. It’s one hell of a day long party.

Wood Ford Folk Festival

Just after Christmas and seeing in the new year is the Woodford Folk Festival.

Located in the foothills of the stunning Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland’s picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland, this cultural, arts and music festival runs for 6 awesome days.

With everyone living in motorhomes and tents amid the temporary and quaint little village purpose built for the festival, it’s a fun time if that off grid living and entertainment environment appeals to you.

It’s definitely worth a look if that’s your thing as it really does offer a fantastic and very unique atmosphere.

The Race That Stops the Nation

Australian’s love their sport in all its forms, but there is really only one annual sporting event that literally brings the entire nation to its knees for about 4 minutes in the afternoon on the first Tuesday each November, and that’s the annual running of our most illustrious horse race.

The Melbourne Cup.

It’s truly a day of glitz and glamour in the racing industry, but also for the general public. The champagne flows more on Melbourne Cup day that it does on New Year’s Eve. High fashion, partying and a flutter on the ponies is the order of the day right around the country.

In fact, the race isn’t only popular with the locals, but attracts visitors from all around the world.

Tropfest In Sydney

Many people believe the Cannes Film Festival is the world’s largest short film festival.

Not true.

That accolade actually belongs to Tropfest, a short film festival held at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens for just one Sunday in February, where crowds of 150,000 people flock to watch the 16 finalists out of more than 700 entries.

It’s not the actual event itself that makes it the largest film festival, but rather the size of the crowd it attracts in just a short space of time.

If you’re a film buff, then you’ll love spending a warm summer’s evening watching 16 incredible short films, and all for free.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Anywhere you happen to be around Australia on New Year’s Eve there will be a party going on, and there’s also sure to be a pretty decent fireworks display.

However, if you can get to Sydney for New Year’s, then you’re really in for a spectacular treat when it comes to the launching of the midnight fireworks.

Fireworks in the harbour city is world famous. Not only is the display visually stunning, but it just seems to go on and on and on. Possibly the greatest highlight of the entire display is when the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is set ablaze with colour and light.


This post has only touched on a select few events that take place around Australia each year that are worth checking out.

It’s a big country with lots to see and do, and the only true way to experience it is to travel here and see for yourself.

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