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When you land into a big city at night, you want to know two things. How do I get to my place asap and will I get some sleep?Our first place that we stayed in when we arrived at Tokyo was uniquely Japanese. I LOVED it.

I decided to use From Tokyo this time and after landing, getting straight on a train after my long flight, I didn’t feel like I was anywhere other than a city. I arrived inside our apartment and I thought yep, this is Tokyo.

tokyo apartment

The place was tiny yet cleverly designed with all the essentials we needed. It felt cozy and peaceful rather than confined and claustrophobic. I immediately felt (and not for the first time on my trip) that there was much we could learn from the Japanese people.

tokyo apartment

The use of different levels for the ceiling and the floor combined with textures on the walls and the correctly proportioned furniture made it all just feel right.

There was storage space crafted into gaps between fridges, built around the bed, next to the entry. Everything was purposeful and fitted in with how you live- simplicity and beauty meeting together as one. While the space for living was small, you could easily adjust it to suit your needs which was perfect for us given the need for our baby to crawl and our wish for a meal and wine at the end of the night! If you haven’t heard about it, then you really must find out from someone who has been, or better still, go and experience yourself.

The western-styled Japanese toilets are an improvement on anything we have thought about for some time. Yes, I did say an experience. Set your seat to the right temperature and then, if you’re like me and no good at reading Japanese try to figure out what the buttons do. I won’t describe it all here. You will find many versions of these toilets and for some reason, us savages in the western world just haven’t progressed. You’re in for a real treat…

tokyo apartment

Everything is clean. I mean clean. Not wiped down, or spot vacuumed. Your bathroom, kitchen and living room are spotless and sanitised and such a great feeling to get inside after travelling. I was especially grateful for this when I looked at the bath. Too often you think about having a soak after a long day, (especially as you have the time when on holiday!) and then you look again and realise you have to clean it, or wouldn’t want to risk it… After entering the apartment, you have a spot to take off your shoes (very important) and then it flows into a galley kitchen.

tokyo apartment

I loved this area. It had everything I needed and the fastest turbo kettle which is just the best thing when you have a hungry baby! What I loved was the clever storage system. Every single space is utilised and although the appliances are smaller than many people are accustomed to, you don’t need anything more than a stove, fridge, microwave. Of course, I loved the touches that you only get in a “home”.

You realise that you are in a different culture when you open the cutlery drawer and the chopsticks take up a 1/3rd of the utensils tray. Spoons and forks are grouped together and bowls are more important than large plates! I really enjoyed staying in this apartment – it immediately felt like home to me.

It was very well located near the train/subway station and really close to the fish market, Akihabara and easily connects to other major train lines from the station.


You can find out more about this apartment and other apartments to stay in Tokyo on this new platform called From Tokyo. From  is a super easy platform to navigate and use and it makes sense to check their apartments if you think about staying in Tokyo.




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