From Little Polyps, Mighty Reefs Grow…. The great barrier reef


From llittle polyps, mighty reefs grow. I put my snorkle gear on, and I started to see the world in 3D. After years of dreaming about it, I finally had the opportunity to dive the reef and come face to face with some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes I’ve ever seen. Yes, the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderland. when you’ve come face to face with the extraordinary animals, shapes and colours here that you realize you’ve truly entered a watery parallel universe.
The experience has a way of spontaneously filling memory cards. I always enjoy taking underwater photos, but here I just could not stop.
There was nothing to be alarmed about (we had a special suit against stingrays – not a wetsuit, the water temp was 26C), we just needed to avoid the scorpion fish, stonefish and jellyfish. The crew guaranteed that no reef sharks has ever attacked divers and sea snakes have only fangs on the back of their throats, so all good!

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