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fraser island

fraser island

Summer is almost here in Australia and this makes it ideal to head to Fraser Island…

Today marked greater recognition and land rights for the Aboriginal people that are from this island. And it is clear that the traditional owners, the Butchulla people knew this place, calling it K’Gari, meaning paradise. And how perfect is this name?!


Fraser is the largest sand island in the world, stretching an impressive 123km, earning World Heritage status. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where rainforests sprout from elevated sand dunes, making it an ecological wonder and diverse natural playground.

It may look like a gentle tropical paradise, but Fraser Island – is as wild and unpredictable as it is beautiful. The skies are filled with birds, from the darting form of the spangled drongo to the white-bellied sea eagle that rides the breeze on wings spanning two metres. The waves conceal whales, dolphins and sea turtles, and the western beaches are covered with armies of blue-backed soldier crabs that rear up on their hind legs and flee in panic at the approach of a human foot. Emerging occasionally from the brush are wallabies, echidnas, possums and palm-sized sugar gliders.
Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

This island does also command respect.There are also some creatures of the less cuddly variety, such as six of the world’s deadliest snakes, not to mention spiders like the funnel web spider (the deadliest spider in the world!).

But they’re unlikely to hurt you if you don’t disturb them, and it’s very rare for people to be bitten. However, make sure you keep an eye out for the inch long bull ant that will rip your leg off!

This island is accessible by ferries running from two different spots, Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. Forget about taking a small hire car here. You need a 4WD. The main road is the beach and there are a number of tracks that come of this that link the island. If you are not up to four wheel driving, you are able to take a number of tours that can also explain the history and nature allowing you to be comfortable and see everything. If you are looking for something else, take the Australian Sunset Safaris for great adventures and to show you hings like the native dogs, Dingos and other amazing sights and wildlife, with a mix of adrenaline filled adventure!


So what should you see? Well, like many spots in Australia, there are must-do’s like going to the sparkling freshwater Lake Mackenzie, floating along Eli Creek and cruising along the sand highway. But you should also take in the surrounds and just be. Go fishing, spot whales migrating, climb up a peak and watch the sunset with a wine… Enjoy being on a spectacular holiday.

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