Four Apps To Make The Most Of Any Trip





Everyone needs a little help to get the most from their travels. Here are four neat apps that do just that.

When it comes to keeping up with the news – even if it’s just the news from back home – there really is just not enough time to do it like you would if you were back there yourself. When time is of the essence we all need something that puts all of our digital streams into one easy to use space – and that’s what Flipboard is. In fact, whilst it is true to say that Flipboard is one a number of apps that will turn the entire web into your own personal magazine, it is, in our humble opinion, still the best that’s out there.

The way it works is blissfully straightforward. You select topics or key words you want to be kept up to date with and Flipboard does the rest. It makes keeping up to speed with what matters to you as easy as pie. And it’s free!

The super slick presentation brings everything together – including your personal social media – into a neat magazine format that is just a joy to use. If you’re travelling light, Flipboard is worth its weight in gold.



by  Marc_Smith  

Once you’ve got your news feeds sorted, you can get down to the serious business of addressing your own personal satisfaction. At times like this there is nothing quite like the indulgence of a really well operated online casino.

32Red is amongst a slew of providers all offering what appear to be superficially similar products – other big name brands include the likes of partycasino, online, casino But having been awarded the title of casino of the decade for the unstinting quality of its service in recent years 32Red is as good a place to start as you could hope to find. The app is a doddle to download (you can also play online) and its range of games and features is immensely satisfying. Just like Flipboard, a good casino app brings a whole world to your fingertips in a way that is perfectly personal according to your own tastes – whether that means pokie style games, skill-based card games or something as uncomplicated as bingo.



by  Moyan_Brenn 

Ok, I hear you say, so what about an app for making the most of the travelling? – I hear you! And more to the point the good people at Trover have heard you too. Trover is like a mashup of Facebook and Pinterest but its key selling point is that it is designed purely for those of us who love to explore. Users simply post great pics (all geotagged) of even greater locations along with a tip or two in terms of how to get there, what not to do etc. etc. Other visitors are also able to leave their impressions. It’s just travel for travellers and it is growing like wildfire. Excuse the pun, but Trover is an absolute treasure.

A similar app is provided by Localeur, which was recently put on a par with Instagram by forbes magazine no less . Localeur quenches the traveller’s thirst for local knowledge by posting write ups direct from local residents. It works best in US cities, but if you’re looking for a really cool bar or restaurant for example, Localeur’s list of writers and their recommendations allows you to see not only a bit about what’s being written, but also about the writer – which gives you a more rounded  view of what is being talked about. Every traveller knows that a healthy dose of local knowledge can go a long way when you’re looking to make the most of your trip. There is no subsittute for a great app.



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