Paul years ago inside his Kombi

It seems that the love of kombis is as contagious as any disease without immunisation or cure. Once you catch ‘the bug’ the victim is left helplessly in love, craving to own their own rusty brick-shaped symbol of freedom, regardless of how limited their mechanical knowledge is.I wonder when this love affair began and why do so many pleople fall in love with a bricks on wheels?

Paul’s old Kombi

We all love kombis, apart from when we are stuck behind one! Everyone knows someone who has owned a kombi, or at least wishes they did. Paul did own one and did the quintesential travel along the coast of Australia sleeping in the back by night and surfing by the day.

The down fall is that the love now comes with  a price tag that has changed the demographic of owners from travellers and hippies! Although this may be the case, many new owners may well be those who owned the original models before leaving the 60s for the boardroom! Now close to retirement, the baby boomers are pimping their retro rides and being the envy at many a camp site and small beach side town.

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