I am packing for a 5 week holiday around Portugal and hopefully Spain.

I hate packing and unpacking! I really don’t enjoy the process at all…

More than just being something boring I find packing winter clothes in the middle of Australian summer not an easy task.

So over the  years I have been trying to master what I call Flashpacking!

This is a great piece of advice. Probably the only advice that I have that is really good.


Pack your bag, then remove half the stuff and leave it behind

I see it as a game, I only allow 15 minutes to choose and put it inside the backpack. 15 minutes is all it takes to choose your favourite pieces. Forget the rest of the stuff- you don’t need it, you won’t wear it and your first thoughts are nearly always the right ones.

I see people carrying the heaviest backpacks, plus rucksacks, plus purses…. no, not for me. Keep it simple; save your back and leave some room for something from your travels. How can you go wrong?!

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