First contact with Australian Wildlife | The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Australia is commonly known to be a continent hosting more than 7000 different animal species. However, getting in touch with this wide-ranging animal kingdom is not always that simple and it is highly possible to spend some time in Australia without even spotting a kangaroo hopping over the street, a koala relaxing on top of a tree or a Python visiting your backyard garden.

Still, you can have the opportunity to encounter some of these animals in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and immerse into an exciting adventure full of new experiences and unique opportunities.

So here are some of the highlights while visiting this treasure chest of Australian Wildlife:


1 | Daily Shows

Throughout the day, many shows are offered in different spots of the sanctuary, as for example the Australiana Sheep Shearing Show, an exciting bird show as well as many reptile shows, where you can have the chance to learn some interesting facts concerning their natural habitat, distribution over Australian land, common life habits and witness the daily feeding process. Moreover, it is possible to get a taste of Australian native culture, when assisting to an Aboriginal Dance Show where some of the most meaningful dance routines and songs are presented.

crocodile show

All of these events are scheduled and can be obtained from the Park Map and online.


2 | Have a great experience with kangaroos

What is a trip to Australia without getting up close to the trade mark of Down Under? Red Kangaroos, Wallabies, Common Wallaroos. In Currumbin, you can visit our Australian friends, pet them and even feed them with the nourishment you can purchase in the park.



3 | Have a walk or go by train?

The Park is structured in the way that you can walk on paths through the whole park passing by the different animal zones. But soon you will stumble over a train station – if you listen carefully, you may even hear a train coming, so why not hop in and enjoy a nice ride through the Emu park, passing the Land of the Parrots and have a short rest in one of the cafés and restaurants?



4 | Remind yourself of the most memorable moments

Did you ever think about having the courage to hold a snake or a little crocodile in your arms, feeding a Pelican or cuddling a koala? Keep the most memorable moments of your personal experiences with Australian animals by taking a picture on the different spots available. After each show, for instance, contact a staff member and smile for that one shot!

water dragon

Keen to get there?

Located between the Gold Coast Airport and Palm Beach, this wildlife sanctuary is one of the activities you can undertake during your stay on the Gold Coast. The Sanctuary is open everyday from 8 am to 5 pm, apart from Christmas Day and Anzac Day. Next to the main entrance you can find a gift shop with a range of souvenirs to save your collected memories of the day – from clothing to toys !!!

For more information, check out the website and book your own adventure!

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