One of my favourite places on Earth – Montenegro is such a good surprise!

The conversation started with a simple question.

Why do you like so much to travel?

In between a bite of a croissant and a sip of a cappuccino i promptly answered.

 “I love experiencing the unknown.”

I often find it’s the unknown – or certainly the unplanned – events in my travels that stand out the most. It’s these experiences and challenges that bring meaning to going forward with a little plan as to where I’ll end up. While many perhaps can’t relate to being comfortable without a five, three, or even one year plan, I live for the excitement that comes from a flexible life filled with travel and experiencing the unknown. That’s what i like!

I am not saying there is no organisation. Far from it. I am not saying that i don’t care about the destination- of course i do! The experiences that come when you turn down a path that you saw, got delayed at the airport or meet a fellow traveller who recommends something often makes your trip memorable, even life changing.

These unexpected yet rewarding moments that come from living a life filled with travel is something that i treasure and can’t imagine wanting to exclude unknown possibilities through rigid planning.

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