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A major part of the travel experience is the food. It is quite the adventure to try out the cuisines that are peculiar to certain territories and that have been maintained and passed down through the generations to modern times. Other times, the new take on traditional dishes resulting in completely new and exciting recipes can be quite thrilling. Food is very much a part of any tourist or travel adventure and it is only right that one should indulge in whatever the land has to offer.

Grecian Cuisine

Grecian cuisine is largely Mediterranean and consists of a lot of olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, grain and meat of various kinds. Visitors to the country are often treated to easily accessible Grecian meals. The options are plenty but there are certain dishes that are signature to the blue and white nation particularly the island of Mykonos. Mykonos has a rich gastronomical history that dates back centuries and largely continues even to this day. When visiting the picture-perfect island, it is highly recommended to indulge in its signature dishes.

greek cuisine in mykonos

Top Traditional Mykonos Dishes

  • Mostra is one of the island’s best-known Mezedes. It is made with rusk, Kopanisti, tomatoes and seasoning. The combination gives off an exciting combination of spicy and sweet. It is a readily available snack that can be found in most corners of the Mykonos town.
  • A local delicacy Mykonos is famous for is its local cheese.  Cheese is traditionally made by farmers who keep livestock but in recent times, a whole industry has been made out of it and they churn out several types of cheese that can be eaten independently or incorporated into other meals. Tyrovolia is a soft white cheese while Xinotyro is white and slightly sour. These are used in salads or pasta dishes but most famous of them is the Kopanisti cheese, a spicy cheese that is used in making dishes like Mostra.
  • Another food the island is known for is their twice hardened baked bread known as Rusk. The recipe for this strange bread was created to ensure that they could endure long journeys across the sea. The intent behind them was practical but over the years, it has morphed to become a major part of Mykonos cuisine.
  • The Mykonos Pig Fest gives insight into one of its longstanding culinary traditions of slaughtering a pig and preserving its meat in several ways that give different flavours when used in cooking and also lasts a long time. It is cured with seasoning, friend thoroughly and stored in their own fat. They also make sausages of them, preserved to last to the next year. The pork is often served with vegetables and pies.
  • Viticulture although subsequently practised, is a strong part of Grecian culture. There are several small vineyards scattered across the island of Mykonos and its best wines include varieties such as Potamisi, Mavri Kountoura and White Pariano. 
  • Kalathaki also is known as Almond Cake is a common type of desert in Mykonos. Although they have few ingredients, they are rich and flavorful and easily found in pastry shops all over the island.
Kalathaki_greek cuisine in mykonos

For more refined dining, the restaurant at the Adorno Beach Hotel and Suite Complex offers traditional Mykonos cuisine on its menu. A simple reservation and top Grecian chefs are available to whip up the taste of Mykonos food and drinks. More information about the best of Mykonos cuisine can be found on this website

If ever you find yourself in Mykonos, the true taste of the island can be found at every corner from roadside shops to proper restaurants. Whatever the medium, you are assured a gastronomical experience like no other.

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