Everybody Loves a Good Party


No matter where you go around the globe, everybody loves a good party.

Festivals are a living museum of cultures and traditions in an increasingly globalised world. There is no better place for travellers to understand a country than an event where it proudly celebrates its individuality, whether through music, camel races or monumental food fights. Being at festivals is like standing inside the mind of a culture as it dreams. They have the ability to be both extremely intimate and public spectacles at the same time. So just go!

It doesn’t matter if you’re into rhythm (Apollo Bay Music Festival), food (Great American Pie Festival), Balloons (over New Zealand), there’s a gathering somewhere in the world with your name on it.

Recently, I have found that a day or more spend on festivals is also a great way to meet people with the same sort of mind set.
Flight Centre April Festivals


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