Enjoy Sumptuous Steaks in Brisbane



Settled by the side of the Brisbane River, Brisbane is a wonderful city, to say the least. It consists of endless opportunities for fun and adventure. It finds a place in every traveller’s must-visit list for its ineffable beauty and outstanding food. From scenic spots to foodie hangouts, the city has it all.

Brisbane demands that you take a much-needed break from your busy lifestyle and pay it a visit. You can opt for a car hire in Brisbane  which is pretty convenient, giving you another reason to waste no time in exploring it. So pack your bags, even if for a weekend getaway, and get on to explore this vibrant city.

Brisbane is home to some of the best steakhouses in the world, so do not forget to check upon them when here. Following is a list of four such steakhouses in Brisbane, promising you finger licking food. Though some of them might seem a bit expensive, the gastronomic delights that they offer are completely worth the price.

Black Hide Steakhouse

Though comparatively a new restaurant in the city, Black Hide Steakhouse is known for cooking its meat to perfection. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous steakhouses in Brisbane. The ambience of the place suits every occasion, from a date night to a family dinner. The restaurant also boasts an excellent staff, providing the best of services. Do not forget to order beef short ribs, a sumptuous speciality of the place.


Cha Cha Char

When it comes to eating steak in Brisbane, Cha Cha Bar is an old favourite. The place offers its visitors a vintage feel, and of course, delicious food. You can also sample Australia’s single-vineyard shiraz here with your steak, though for a limited period of time. The menu of the restaurant is as interesting as it gets, with distinct yet delightful combinations. Another thing that the place has to its credit is that it remains open till late, much to the pleasure of its customers.

cha cha char

Moo Moo Bar and Grill

Food lovers describe Moo Moo Bar and Grill’s steaks as nothing less than incredible! The specialities of the restaurant include excellent wagyu, delicious barramundi and a number of interesting cocktails. The ambience is both relaxed and charged at the same time, perfectly balanced, suiting your different moods perfectly.

moo moo

Belvedere Bar and Grill

The first thing that pleasantly strikes out as you enter Belvedere Bar and Grill is the place’s chilled atmosphere. Moving on, its expansive menu definitely impresses everyone. The restaurant proudly offers 11 different types of steaks to its visitors, leaving one spoilt for choice. The many options in steak here is due to the varied preferences of different customers.


Gorge on the sumptuous steaks in any or all of these extraordinary steakhouses in Brisbane. Nom-nom!

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