Enjoy a Memorable Winter Honeymoon in Chamonix


What are good honeymoons made of? – A place to make perfect memories. And how are good memories made? –  Having a great place to stay, good food to eat, great things to do and of course sharing all this with the love of your life. Chamonix in the Haute-Savoie (High Savoy) region of France is one of those special places. Chamonix is awesome for a holiday at any time of the year but for your honeymoon it can be extra special.

Nestling in the valley below European’s highest peak Mont Blanc, Chamonix is one of the most established ski resorts and summer alpine retreats in France. It takes a little over an hour to reach from Geneva international airport so finding your way there is hassle free. For ideas and information about great holiday opportunities contact specialists Alpine Elements.

The locals affectionately call it “Cham” and after spending your honeymoon here, you may just do the same. Chamonix has scenery around every corner. Whether you find it in the charming and pretty alpine town itself with wooden chalets with dormer windows and balconies to sit and watch the world go by or in luxury hotels with all their attendant services and treats.

Chamonix is charming and small enough to quickly become familiar with as you wander through vehicle free streets, modern malls and winding alleys filled with architecture from the Victorian era. There are also tasteful modern buildings with cafes, restaurants, galleries, and of course great shops full of interesting mementos and gifts.

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Choose a Luxury Hotel or a Private Chalet

When choosing your accommodation, there are more than enough options to find something for a great honeymoon. What features do you have mind?  – a super luxurious romantic bedroom, a bubbling private spa set on an outdoor deck,  a huge spa bath large enough for two, a comfortable sofa in front of a glowing fire, a high class restaurant…. the list goes on and Chamonix has it all.

Choose a honeymoon suite at a 5 star hotel or imagine cosy private chalet surrounded by forest and snow. With a self catering apartment or chalet you can easily shop for your favourite foods in the local supermarkets for delicious local cheeses and charcuterie with a freshly baked baguette. Together they make a worthy meal without fuss and there is always plenty of quality French wine to be drunk. And champagne, of course! Coco Chanel said, “I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.”

Or wander down to the main town of Chamonix and find a cosy restaurant to share some traditional food from the Haut-Savoie – fondue, raclette, tartiflette, diots. Enough to get you salivating just imagining! There’s something invigorating about being outside in the cold, well wrapped up with woolly hats and mittens and good snow boots. Yet open any door and step inside to glowing warmth where you can peel off the layers to enjoy the heat and hospitality.


Ski your Hearts Out

Of course you will want to spend some days enjoying the well groomed pistes that are available high above the town. The pinnacle of the cable cars takes you to the top of the Aguille de Midi for breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps. There are plenty to slopes available for all levels of skier so you both can spend funs times carving up the slopes.

There are plenty of other winter activities to share in Chamonix aside from skiing and snowboarding. For a thrill share a sledge and hurtle down slopes for some crazy adrenaline. Falling off in the snow is half the fun

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Get High Together

How about taking to the air together for an ultimate honeymoon memory? Aviation is always weather dependant however there are a number of ways to get high in Chamonix. Regular helicopter flights are available. Don headsets and listen to your pilot relate interesting commentaries as you both enjoy spectacular views over snow covered mountains with all their snowy mantels and rocky glory. France does not allow heli-skiing however Switzerland and Italy are so close you could fly over the border to do a couple of ski runs down pristine slopes before returning to Chamonix. Now that would be a honeymoon experience to remember!

For quieter aviation options, sound wise that is, you could both go on a scintillating balloon flight to glide quietly over the valley. It is a surprising and serene way to see the area and you might even get to glide over wild animals going about their wintery business as they are often quite unperturbed by silent balloons overhead.

For a more dynamic option try paragliding, flying tandem with an experienced pilot where you fly off from a high altitude like Plan Praz and glide, spiral and speed close over tree tops or the open valley. In spring you may be lucky enough to find a thermal or two where you will be lifted up instead of gliding directly down. Take photos of each other flying past in the air.


Share some Pet Loves

If movement closer to the ground is more your scene, how about snuggling together under a blanket in the back of a horse drawn carriage? The horse will quietly clip clop his way around the village streets while you get to enjoy the quaint parts of Chamonix in the style of yesteryear.

Ski-joering is another relatively new addition to Chamonix, introduced from its traditional home in Scandinavia. If you are confident enough on skis and you love horses you can combine the two loves by skiing behind a well trained horse while it tows you along behind. You control the horse like you are driving a carriage. You could even have an exciting gallop across the snow! If dogs are more your pet love, go for a fast sled ride behind a team of huskies. It s lots of fun and the dogs will be more than keen to get you racing each other.


Get out into Nature

If you still have some energy to burn after a day on the slopes, you might rent a couple of fat bikes – one of the latest bicycle crazes where the bikes are fitted with wide tyres that offer better traction in the snow than usual mountain bikes. There latter are readily available too.

You can combine a love of nature with a day in the forest on snow shoes or raquette à neige as they are called in French. A guide from the Merlet Animal park will help you get close to wild animals and nature as you glide quietly over snowy slopes. Or you can pick up local maps and go for a wander together exploring more remote parts of the Chamonix ski area. Just check the weather and get some local advice before you go.


Anyone for Tennis?

And there is still plenty do inside if the weather is not so pleasant out. Ten pin bowling, swimming in heated pools of course, mini golf, and even indoor tennis! Which one of you is the better sport? There is an indoor ice skating rink where you can go to watch exciting local teams play ice hockey or even have a skate together yourself. Les Houches and Argentiere villages close by have outdoor rinks to glide over hand in hand.

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Chamonix for Honeymoon and Future Anniversaries

If you do go to Chamonix for your honeymoon, no doubt it will continue to captivate you for years to come. It is the type of place that you both will enjoy so much you will plan to return for future holidays and anniversaries. Chamonix is the perfect holiday destination all year round.

If you want some ideas for some you can find some ideas on my blog here. Feel free to add some comments if  you know of some wonderful places to get married or spend your honeymoon.

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