Endless Summer On The Gold Coast


Wet N Wild, Gold Coast

Wet N Wild, Gold Coast

Three hundred sunny days a year, a 57km strip of drop dead gorgeous beaches and a balmy subtropical climate –  these are three reasons why the Gold Coast endures as one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. This skinny littoral strip, hemmed in by clear blue water on one side and the lush, mountainous hinterland on the other, attracts around 12 million visitors each year.

This is a playground in so many ways. The  sun is just peaking over the horizon on a fresh autumn morning. The sun reflects off the water and the warmth filters across rolling waves like a rhythmic heartbeat.

This is Crazy!!!

Already the perfect peeling waves of the ocean has been filled with surfers. With 52 kilometres of ocean beaches and a great climate, it is clear to see why the Gold Coast is a surfer’s paradise. Along the shore there are large paths that run the stretch of this coastline and are a hive of activity also with walkers, joggers, cyclists and roller bladders of all ages starting their day with this great exercise ritual.

Racing the rising sun you can walk along the shore line towards Coolangatta Headland and see beautiful green hills in front of jutting headlands. I have seen many beaches around the world, but nothing quite compares to the Gold Coast beaches at the southern end of the coast.  The sand is white and soft, the water blue and clear and the sun bright and welcoming.

Heading to the northern end of the coast, we can understand why it is Queensland’s most famous holiday playground. When you look to the north you see the peaks of buildings that keep growing as people want to experience this part of the world. Hiding behind these are Australia’s best equipped and exciting Gold Coast theme parks.

It is fitting that the Gold Coast has a very active film and television industry. Movie World offers a little taste of this and if you’re lucky you can even spot a famous star heading to one of the studios… For daredevils there is Dream World where you can drop, twist and propel out from structures. It’s meant to be fun, but I can’t stomach it! Wet n Wild is my favourite for rides- I just love the water. But it is not all adrenaline, Sea World is a great experience and a coastal city with so much beautiful marine life, it’s no wonder that this place is such a great visit for any age.

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