Fed basically on salmon, apples and berries, we headed towards the southeast of Tassie (as its affectionately known), we drove through green, hilly countryside and as we love, snacking from roadside produce “stores”- this is our fast food on the island! Simply grab some fresh fruit, drop some coins in the box and off we go brimming with vitamin C.


We continue on to the end of the road, where Tasmania stops and the only thing that separates us from Antarctica is the cold, fierce Southern Ocean. The drive is amazing and well worth doing slowly. We stopped in many small creeks and postcard perfect bays.

reaching the end of the road

At cockle creek the road ends but a longer trail begins.


We stop Lucy the Landy at the end of the road and begin walking, looking back over the large Recherche Bay with turqoise water and the distant mountain peaks. We realise we are near Antarctica! The cold, gusty wind reminds us that this place is precious but not for the faint hearted.
We hit the end of the road!

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    Lysander Reply 14/09/2015 at 9:09 PM

    Exactly sea level is rising not dilcineng. Although all the three participants has highlighted advent severe problem Bangladesh is going to encounter due to climate change but it would have been perhaps relevant if they would have also mentioned how to address the problem. I think major players who are responsible for this should commit to take steps to deal with it.

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