Eight Reasons To Go Travelling


Whether it’s the thought of going to one specific place and seeing it with your own eyes, or if you’ve been saving for an around the world trip to explore everything and everywhere you possibly can, the idea of travelling appeals to many different people. Why is this? What is so special about leaving home and seeing other places, people, and cultures? There are many different reasons to go travelling, and these are just some of them. Can you see yourself in these ideas?

You’ll Make Friends

The world is an enormous place yet it’s tiny at the same time. What does that mean? It means that there are millions of kilometres to explore, yet when you have friends in every corner of the Earth, you’ll feel happy and welcome wherever you go. You’ll get to experience the true place, not just the one on the tourist trail. That’s an exciting prospect, and it’s what many travelers crave. You can completely immerse yourself in different cultures around the world, and that’s one of the reasons that people love to travel. You may have made these friends in advance, perhaps when they visited your home country, or maybe online. Alternatively, you might make it your mission to make friends in every city or country that you visit, which can be a fun thing to do.


Better Opportunities

When you travel, your world will (literally) open up to you. You’ll see exactly what is happening in each country, and you may well spot an opportunity for you to take, whether that is something to do with your career, a humanitarian mission, a relationship, or a business opportunity. There are countless potential possibilities, and that’s what is so exciting – there is no prescribed route, no particular thing you have to do, it’s your adventure, so you do it in whichever way works for you.

You’ll Become More Confident

Travel is ideal for introverts and those who normally find it difficult to speak to others and make friends. When you travel, you will always have stories to tell which makes social gatherings and parties much easier to cope with. You’ll also have something in common with many other people, so making friends will also become less of a trial. If you stayed in the Savoy Hotel one night and a hostel the next, there are stories there that other people will be interested to hear. Don’t be afraid to tell them.


You’ll Become A Better Person

No matter who we are or what we do, we can often have certain prejudices if we don’t understand other cultures or other people or other countries. They’re not a bad thing as such, they’re just there, clouding our minds to the reality. Travelling can change this outlook, exposing us to the real people, places, and countries. That means our minds can be completely free of any prejudices, and we can begin to understand the world more, and why cultures have certain traditions. Your horizons will expand, and it’s all down to a plane ticket and a sense of adventure.


Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something that more and more people are becoming aware of. The basic premise is that you should live in the here and now, not worry about the future because it can’t be predicted and not live in the past because it can’t be changed. Travelling allows us to live in the now and enjoy every moment, because of the benefits of feeling free and happy. It gives us the chance to engage with not only other people and places, but with our mind, feelings, and emotions too. We’ll end up being better people for it, as well as be calmer, more relaxed and peaceful. That’s one of the most wonderful things about travelling; there should be no itinerary so if you want to stay in a place for an extra day or two, you can. If you want to move on, you can.


Try New Foods

Trying new foods is another exciting thing that you will get to do when you go travelling. There will be weird and wonderful cuisines from around the world that you may not have heard of before, but that you may wish to try. You won’t like them all – some will look and sound (and possibly even smell) a bit different before you even get them into your mouth, but you should still try! You don’t want any regrets, and you might never return to the place where they serve that food, so it could be your one chance to taste it. In many places, you’ll find that the food is incredible, and you’ll experience flavors that you would otherwise be unaware about. Perhaps it will inspire you to become a better home cook yourself, and you might try to recreate some of the fabulous dishes for your friends and family. Even if that’s not the case, trying them is part of the adventure.

Learn A New Language

There is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in it, so travelling is the perfect opportunity to start. You might only learn a handful of useful phrases like please and thank you, how to order in a restaurant, asking where the nearest toilet is and so on, and that’s a good start. The longer you stay in a place, however, the more you will learn, so make it a priority to pick up as much of the language as you can, wherever you go. It’s a great way to endear yourself to the locals, and it always looks good on a CV.


You’ll Be Happy

When you are travelling you will feel so much happier. Your mind will be challenged, and your body will be put through its paces. This is not a standard nine to five job; this is a different sort of challenge and you will want to experience everything you can. Although there will be (and should be) days when you can relax, most of the time you’ll be learning new things and expanding your mind accommodating all the interesting information you are gathering. You’ll forget about your problems and be able to focus on enjoying yourself.


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