Ease Your Employees Minds with Earth Network’s Sferic Protect


Part of a business owners job is to keep employees safe. When it comes to weather safety, there are tools that you can use to help in easing your employees minds. Employees may be nervous when severe weather strikes, especially if you operate in a region where severe weather happens often, such as tornados or hurricanes. With a product such as Sferic Protect, you can provide peace of mind to your employees as everyone will always be weather aware.


Constant Weather Updates

With the Sferic Protect product, business owners have a professional weather station that can be used to stay up to date with impending weather. The product offers several features including weather radar real time. With real-time updates, you can provide your employees with peace of mind. If the severe or threatening weather is close, you can take cover or get to shelter long before the weather was to reach your area. The real-time alerts can make nervous employees instantly feel better, allowing the day to continue until action is needed.


Customized Configurations

The Sferic Protect package is available in several configurations, allowing any business owner to create a package that meets specific weather needs. In an area affected by severe thunderstorms or tornados frequently, an automated high-decibel outdoor audible alert system can be installed. This alert system will be activated based on weather needs, allowing employees to seek shelter quickly, ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

Weather forecasts are also localized, so you are not viewing weather information that does not pertain to your region. This helps to cut out on too much extra info and provides you with only what you need to keep your employees and property safe.

By using Sferic Protect, you can ensure employees have peace of mind during the work day when severe weather may be on its way. Learn more about how this product works to see how your business can personally benefit.

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