Fraser, Moreton or Straddie Island?? Where should we go? I was really keen to drive all the way up to Fraser island (5 hours north) but at the last minute with the car all packed up and already on the highway we decided to go to Straddie instead, the barge was cheaper, the 4×4 permit was cheaper and was closer to us.. only one hour!!! Now, I though we where prepared, great car, a tent, food sleeping bags, water but when we got all the permits was written in BIG LETTERS – you will need: a compressor, a hose, a pistols for compressor, tow rope, cb… etcc… ahhh 15 minutes for the barge leave.. panic.. yes we do have a compressor but not the rest of the things!! I just realised that I never did 4×4 in the sand.. and yes we do need all of that.. with 10 minutes left we went to the closest shop and got all the stuff…


Now on the boat we were just trying to figure out how to work with it!!!
drive along the island was easy until we heat the sand.. yes we literally cross the sand dunes, drive 15 Km along the beach to reach our camping site.. not sure if it’s a camping site, there’s nothing there, NOTHING!!!
But after crossing the first dune I was stoked!! I couldn’t believe that we were actually driving on the beach with kangaroos jumping on the side of the car and an offshore wind heating the waves!  What a great weekend ahead!!

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