Road trips are all about the journey not the destination. We choose carefully the roads to take. Not necessarily the quickest ones, but the ones that will (hopefully) give us what we are looking for or not. The unexpected is usually better!
It’s winter and not good for a swim- so we decided to hit the hinterland of Queensland “where Australia shines” … Not sure if it’s a good option to go camping inland… The radio announces that last night were -1C .. Anyway we drive happily towards the Western Downs Region. I flipped through my booklet and quickly read “a unique pocket of Australia rich in culture, industry, agriculture and heritage”. It is full of traditional western pubs, food and wineries, and gives a great look to the past history of Australia’s hard beginnings. It looks good.
While driving we see plenty of traffic: big road trains, oversized cars carrying houses around. This is a busy road- it’s actually the only way to go through the mountains. The gap. Named after the inland explorer, Cunningham who found a gap in the large mountain ranges to get to Australia’s interior it is still used today as the best way to get from the coastal cities out west. The road gives you fabulous mountain views and winding country lanes. Once through this gap, Toowoomba sits on the top of a plateau, surrounded by gardens and flowers.
We pass Toowoomba, and continue driving towards Chinchilla… (guess we will stop in Dalby just for fuel).

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